Sterilization Service

No One Does it Better...


A. Buildings disinfection method:
Cleaning and sterilization services for building and furnishings are the most important factors in maintaining the health of individuals and keeping them from viruses and diseases. First, Dareed cleans the surfaces of dust and dirt, and then the sterile material is sprayed on the floors, tables and furniture to be cleared in an artistic way (this is the method that World Health Organisation recommended).

B. Steam sterilization:
Dareed cleans the furnishings with high heat steam that kills germs and microbes. Then wash the canvas with special soap for cleaning and disinfection*. To ensure the comprehensive and good sterilization, it is necessary to have the most powerful and newer machines that will do it efficiently with utmost accuracy, which is provided by Dareed for maintenance and cleaning which distinguishes it from other companies and makes it a leader in this field.
* Curtains are excluded from the sterilization service.
* Some types of furnishing fabrics are excluded from the sterilization service such as: (Linen, Cotton, some types of Silk).

  • Sterilization Process